Home Warranty and Warranty Requests

Home Warranty

Yowell Group, INC. is proud to provide each homeowner with a 10 year limited home warranty backed by StrucSure Home Warranty company and is defined below;

  1. One year for workmanship and materials 
  2. Two years for plumbing, heating and air conditioning delivery systems  
  3. 10 years for major structural components of the home 

Once purchasing your home, all homeowners have certain responsibilities in the maintenance of their home. If you feel like you have a warranty issue please refer to your StrucSure Home Warranty booklet for further details. If you discover you have a warranty issue the best way to expedite your warranty request is to fill out the online warranty request form found here. It is important that you include your name, phone number, address and a complete description of the repair or problem. A staff member, builder or sub-contractor should be in touch with you within 3 days of your request (other than weekends). 

Emergency requests can be called into the model home office at 903-663-0120. It is our goal to have all your non emergency warranty items completed with-in 30 days of your request.

Warranty Requests

Yowell Group, INC. Warranty Procedures & Guidelines for accepting warranty requests are as follows:

  1. All warranty work requests must be submitted via this website, via U.S. Mail, or hand delivered to our office located at 909 Walnut Hill Dr. 

  2. A 3-phase warranty work system has been implemented. A list may be submitted at 60 days, at 6 months, and at 11 months. Only during these time frames will non-emergency requests be accepted. You may contact us at any time for emergency requests.

    Yowell Group, INC. considers emergencies to be something that makes the home non-inhabitable. Other items accepted on a non-emergency basis are water leaks anywhere around the house, or drainage concerns. The home must be available to us and our contractors on business days, during business hours. 

  3. Please refer to your warranty book on how to submit warranty requests after year one.

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